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So who the heck cares? December 27, 2005

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Anyone who has an interest in seeing a sensitive admix between old time pubs melded with 21st century expectations should at the very least, give this site a try. Here I want to get into the passion so many people feel towards the kind of boozer the UK needs for the 21st century.

If you’re not in that group then you can feel free to lurk and see what the future for real entertainment holds or piss off back to your country yokel dokel flea pit or to your uptown lager only meat market. Or you could post a comment here and tell me I’m talking bollox.


Hello World 2.0 December 27, 2005

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This is the place for all those who love, hate or are plain ambivalent towards JD Wetherspoon can come and feel welcome. Here, we’ll talk about the beers, what makes the eponmymous pubco tick and get feedback not just from the punters, but also from those that work for the company. How good is that?

Hello world! December 27, 2005

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